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Fast results. Easy process. Trusted support.  Seller or Buyer – we have a property solution just for you.


Need the best price with no commission?   

We Find Your Buyer Fast!


Poor Credit? Need Time?  If You’re Serious About buying a Home, we can Help!

Here is What People are Saying about Burrow & Bell…

For 10 months I tried to sell my home the traditional way, but only got lookers who wasted my time. Then I went with Jennifer at Burrow & Bell Property Solutions, and she found a great buyer in 90 days!

With Burrow & Bell, I made more money than I could have with a traditional sale. If I’d known about them earlier, I could have saved myself a year of stress! I heartily recommend Jennifer and Diana to any seller. They’re good people who care about their sellers, work hard, and keep their word!

Jim Ray, Seller (Verified)

Are You Selling a Home? 

There’s more than one way to sell your house.  We’re not Realtors, we don’t want to list your house.  Instead, we want to buy it – on terms that work for you.

Yes, You CAN Buy a Home!

Need time to repair credit, save a down payment, or sell another house?  We find the terms that work best for you.

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Life Happens. (And Banks Hate that.)

Are you:

Self Employed  Behind on Payments • Downsized • Divorced • Relocating / In a New Job • Paying off Student Loans • Facing a Family Emergency • Paying Two Mortgages • Tired of Being a Landlord • Worried About a Vacant Home • Dealing with Poor Credit, No Credit, or just Plain Old Mistakes

In an unpredictable world, you need A NEW WAY to buy and sell our homes.

Many sellers can’t afford to sell through a realtor.  Paying commission and/or  waiting out the market aren’t for everyone. And every month your home is on the market, it’s that much less desirable. 

Meanwhile, nearly 80% of serious home buyers can’t walk into a bank and get a mortgage. EIGHTY PERCENT! That’s a LOT of buyers who aren’t seeing your home because they need more time to save.

That’s where we come in. Burrow & Bell Properties is a family business buying  homes in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. We work with serious sellers and serious buyers. If you’re selling a home we’re interested in, we can move fast. If you’re a determined buyer, we can get you in a home – sometimes in less than 30 days.

Are You a Frustrated Seller?

  • Need to sell fast?
  • Already bought another home?
  • Can’t afford the commission?
  • Behind in your payments, or close to it?
  • Owe what the house is worth, or close to it?
  • Tired of turning your life upside down for every showing?
  • Need monthly income out of the property but DON’T want to be a landlord. Ever. Again. Period.

(We’ve seen and worked with all of these and more!)

Most of our sellers have mortgages, some don’t. Some are in tough situations, some aren’t. Whatever your situation is, if your home is a good fit for us and our terms are a good fit for you, we can move fast. We buy homes on terms and we’d like to talk to you about yours!

Are You a Frustrated Buyer?

It can take time to get mortgage-ready. And if you face credit or other hurdles, it can seem impossible. Are you:

  • Self-employed?
  • New to your job?
  • Recovering from credit mistakes?
  • No credit – just starting out?
  • Paying off bills, medical debt or student loans?
  • Sick and tired of renting?

(We’ve worked with all of that, and more.)

We understand you need more time because we’ve been there.  We work with buyers just like you, hard-working folks who dream of a home of your own, a place to put down roots and make memories.


If you’re serious about buying a home, it’s possible for you to be in a home in 30 days through our rent-to-own program. At Burrow & Bell, we sell to qualified buyers over time. Our buyer support process lets you buy a home WHILE you improve your credit.

Who Are We?

Jennifer Hansen is a real estate investor and business owner. After the 2008 recession, she started researching alternative real estate options and strategies. She founded Burrow & Bell to help pressured sellers and challenged buyers achieve their dreams.

Phillip Marrs is a data management expert. As a Gen X father of three, he understands what home ownership means to families and their long-term financial security. He oversees operations for Burrow & Bell and focuses on the buyer side of the business.

Claire Hansen is an interior design consultant. As a millennial, she knows what first time buyers face in their quest for home ownership.  At Burrow & Bell, she helps identify and personalize buyer and seller strategies.

A Real Estate Service You Can Trust

At Burrow & Bell, we work with you ON YOUR TERMS. We’re dedicated to helping sellers and buyers achieve their property goals, whether it’s selling to move on, or buying to move in.

Burrow & Bell