Rent To Own Homes

Sellers Get Their Houses Sold & Renters Become Owners

Are You Selling a Home? 

There’s more than one way to sell your house.  We’re not Realtors, we don’t want to list your house.  Instead, we want to buy it – on terms that work for you.

Yes, You CAN Buy a Home!

Need time to repair credit, save a down payment, or sell another house?  We find the terms that work best for you.

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Who Are We?

Jennifer Hansen is a real estate investor and business owner. After the 2008 recession, she started researching alternative real estate options and strategies. She founded Burrow & Bell to help pressured sellers and challenged buyers achieve their dreams.

A Real Estate Service You Can Trust

At Burrow & Bell, we work with you ON YOUR TERMS. We’re dedicated to helping sellers and buyers achieve their property goals, whether it’s selling to move on, or buying to move in.

Burrow & Bell