Sellers: Most Common Questions

What is a Lease Purchase?

How Does a Lease Purchase Work?


Lease Purchase Vs Owner Financing?

What’s the Difference between a lease purchase (or rent – to – own) and owner financing?


Process of Purchasing My Home

So, what happens next?


Selling For What I Owe?

What if I owe what my home is worth?


Selling a Lease Purchase on my own

Why can’t I just sell it like this myself?


Buyers: Most Asked Questions

How Rent-to-Own Works

How do I buy a lease purchase or rent-to-own home?


What are the Expenses of a Lease Purchase?

What Costs are involved for me?


Getting into a home w ZERO down

How can I buy with no money down?


Equity Enhancement program

What can I do to get mortgage – ready faster?